The Union Federal Private
Student Loan lets you:

  1. Select the type of rate
  2. Select how you repay
  3. Select the length of your loan

Apply online now. A Union Federal Private Student Loan is a smart way to cover college essentials.

We understand that financing your education can be stressful, but we're here to help with flexible options. The sooner you start filling out our simple application the sooner you can relax. We've been helping students like you for years, and we can help you too.

Interest Rates:

Current Variable Rates

Current variable rates range from % APR to % APR8

Current Fixed Rates

Current fixed rates range from % APR to % APR8

How rates are determined

  1. Borrower's and cosigner's (if applicable) credit histories
  2. The repayment option and loan term selected
  3. The requested loan amount and other information provided on the online loan application

Loan Details:


  • Choose what's best for you: upon approval, applicants can compare loan options to determine the impact to their monthly payment amount and total loan cost
  • Choice of rate type: fixed or variable
  • Choice of loan term1
  • Choice of repayment option:
    • Immediate Repayment1
    • Partial Interest Repayment1
    • Interest-Only Repayment1
    • Full Deferment1
    Students can select full deferment or can select a repayment option that allows them to make partial or full payments while in school.1
  • Refinance existing private student loans6 into a new Union Federal Private Student Loan with the In-School Refinance Option


  • Minimum loan amount: $1,0019
  • Annual loan maximum: $65,0009
  • Aggregate student loan limit (total amount of student loan debt allowable): $150,0009


  • Up to 0.50% interest rate reduction for auto pay4
  • 0.25% interest rate reduction with 36 consecutive on-time payments3
  • No application, origination or prepayment fees
  • Cosigner release option available5

Comparison Tool

Choose from the options below to see how different solutions can affect a loan.

Compare Repayment Options
Lowest Rate
(without auto pay)
Highest Rate
(without auto pay)
Amount Requested $10,000 $10,000
Current Interest Rate
Monthly Payment (while in school)
Monthly Payment (during repayment)
Deferment Period (in months)
Repayment Period (in months)
Estimated Total of Payments

Am I eligible?

A Union Federal Private Student Loan can help pay for books, lab fees, and other expenses. Eligibility requirements for the student:

  • Be enrolled at least half-time at a title IV eligible institution in a degree-granting program
  • Be the legal age of majority, or at least 17 years of age at the time of application if applying with a cosigner who meets the age of majority requirements in the cosigner's state of residence1
  • Have a good credit record, with no student loan defaults or bankruptcies
  • Have positive income, or a creditworthy cosigner with positive income
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, unless you are an eligible international student applying with an eligible cosigner who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien. The Union Federal Private Student Loan is not available to students or cosigners whose permanent residency state is Iowa or Wisconsin.

Cosigners are great.

If someone with a good credit history is a cosigner, your application for a Union Federal Private Student Loan is more likely to be approved. A cosigner can be an eligible parent, guardian, friend, etc.

Application checklist.

Use this checklist to help you prepare to complete the online application process.

  • Personal information (name, Social Security number, date of birth)
  • Address (mailing address and permanent address)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address
  • Personal reference (name, address, phone)
  • School information (name of school, cost of attendance, grade level, expected graduation date)
  • Loan information (amount needed and when)
  • Income information for the cosigner or student (on a cosigned loan, income is not required of the student but is of the cosigner; for a student applying on their own, income is required of the student)
  • Payoff Documentation (only required for students opting to refinance private student loans6) - learn more about the In-School Refinance Option

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